Psalms Project

A contemporary journey through the vivid landscape of the Psalms across four albums told through the language of film, classical and folk music. We are drawn into a world of joy and praise, danger and abandonment and, finally, restoration and affirmation.

‘The Psalms Project has developed well beyond what I initially imagined and I’m thrilled by the new direction the music is taking, in exploring the changing emotions of the Psalms.’ – Steven Faux

You Are

The fourth album of The Psalms Project, You Are, is a collaboration between Steven and Clem Faux. It takes 14 of the songs from the Psalms and with input from stunning vocalists and musicians, marries them to the language of popular folk music.

In a Clear Voice (Volume III)

Featuring renowned orchestra, Bath Philharmonia, and acclaimed chamber choir Bath Camerata, this album journeys through the Psalms in a classical style, using the musical language of films to explore the challenging and inspiring words in the Biblical songs.

Do Not Be Far

Features original songs and new versions of old tracks, rerecorded with new singers, instrumentalists and arrangements to create an alternative style, moving away from classical music and getting to grips with the life and soul of the modern city.

Volumes 1 and 2

Orchestral parts are performed by the Chamber Orchestra of London in Abbey Road Studio 2, London. Orchestration and conducting is by Alastair King, orchestrator and conductor on British TV’s Downton Abbey. Singers and instrumental soloists were recorded in Bath, England.

The Psalms Cantata

Bath’s prestigious county youth choir, Cantilena, recorded their own version of The Psalms Project music.

  • Rico Tice, Minister at All Souls Langham Place & co-founder of Christianity Explored
    In the Psalms Project there really is a sense of God speaking to our human condition, and his creation singing back to him. It makes it a profoundly moving experience and I thoroughly recommend it. It is so heartwarming to see a father and son making music together, and it's even better because they are such fine musicians.
  • Jane Jones, Classic FM radio presenter
    Steven Faux’s musical mix of style and genre is most imaginative. What an uplifting experience!
  • Vivienne Faull, Bishop of Bristol
    The ancient wisdom and beauty of the Psalms speaks afresh in Steven and Clem Faux’s album You Are. Melding folk tradition and crafted orchestration, their music is both stirring and uplifting.
  • Peter Harris, Co-founder of A Rocha International
    You Are is a wonderful album, giving the deep wisdom and beauty of the Psalms a new and finely crafted voice. Steven and Clem's music is a true gift to anyone of whatever age who wishes to find joy and consolation on their journey of daily, worshipping faith.
  • Emma Holland, Producer of Pray as You Go, Jesuit Media Initiatives
    The sweeping cinematic music of Steven Faux has helped listeners of Pray As You Go for over a decade, providing the perfect reflective encounter. The Psalms Project remains a favourite for so many of our listeners, as it allows a unique exploration of God, the human heart and scripture, through music.
  • Rt Revd Peter Maurice, Bishop of Taunton
    The Psalms Project takes you on an extraordinary journey through some of the first forty Psalms. As I listened to the opening performance in St. Michael’s Bath, I found myself deeply moved. For a little while I realised I had stepped aside and paid attention to the mystery and miracle of God. I had been refreshed and renewed!
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